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A Hearing for Jim Thorpe part II

November 3, 2008

Freddy Wardecker did some research and found some old newspaper clipping related to Project Jim Thorpe. Freddy thought it might have been an initiative of the Carlisle Jaycees and his hunch paid off. He found a May 12, 1973 article from the Carlisle Sentinel titled “Carlisle JCs Renew Jim Thorpe Issue. It mentioned that the Project Jim Thorpe was started in 1969 with the goals of reinstating Jim Thorpe in the International Olympic record book and to have his medals and trophies returned. Apparently the medals and trophies were to have been housed in a proposed track and field hall of fame museum in Carlisle. One cannot tell from the article whether the museum was the one proposed by Joel Platt or not. No mention was made of the committee chair.

Reporter Bob Jackson wrote, “…After running into continual  obstacles created by the International Olympic Committee, “Project Jim Thorpe” lost momemtum and was dropped as an active project in 1971. Sensing that the Jim Thorpe Committee from Jim’s hometown of Yale, OK was about to have some success after the demise of Avery Brundage, the Jaycees launched a petition drive in which citizens were asked to sign a petition that was to be sent to President Nixon.

Freddy also found a January 29, 1974 article that announced the Jim Thorpe Memorial Exhibition to be held on March 29-31 of that year. Residents were asked to lend photos and memorabilia related to Thorpe. The exhibition was to be held at the Carlisle Jaycee Home, 311 East North Street, Carlisle. Michael L. Sheaffer was named as chairman of the Memorial commi