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Florida License Plate Game

July 14, 2013

On vacation in Florida, my wife, Ann, and her friend, Judi, noticed NUMEROUS different specialty tags issued in that state and had a contest over spotting them. I formalized their little contest into Florida License Plate Game and gave a few prototype copies to friends. The people who enjoyed it most were retirees who record the unusual license plates they see on their daily walks and outings and families who play it while traveling in Florida. All who played the game enjoyed it and some offered suggestions for improvement.

Now I’m ready to make a production print run. To promote the game, I am experimenting with running an campaign. For those not familiar with crowdsourcing or who want to know more about the game, please check out I don’t expect you to contribute to the campaign (unless you want inexpensive copies of the game) but would appreciate it if you would look at it and comment on it. Increasing the number of views will get it positioned more prominently on the Indiegogo site. Thanks, Tom.