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Wicked Carlisle

December 30, 2021

While researching the players on the 1913 Carlisle squad for my compete history of the Carlisle Indian School football team, I came across a player named Moy starting at left end for the Reserves line-up against Holmesburg on November 27, 1913. Finding no Carlisle student named Moy, I thought it might have been George May, who was known to have played on later Carlisle teams. Scrolling through his student file showed that it couldn’t have been him because he didn’t enroll at Carlisle until September 19, 1914. Not wanting to overlook a previous enrollment he might have had and wanting to know something about a future player, I scanned his entire file.

The first thing I found in his file after the enrollment papers was a short letter from May’s mother to Superintendent Oscar Lipps dated December 19, 1914 in which she wrote that she was very concerned about George as she had heard that he was ill. He wasn’t mentioned in the school newspaper as having gone out for football and his name didn’t appear in the coverage of any game. So, his illness wasn’t related to participating in athletics. However, he probably came into contact with, what was called at the time, a sporting woman.

Lipps responded to her letter on December 22nd, informing her, “…that your son, George May, has been afflicted with a venereal disease. He is being treated at our school hospital and it will probably be necessary to have him sent home as soon as an apparent cure is effected because he is morally undesirable to continue as a student here on account of his diseased condition.”

George’s mother responded on the 27th blaming Lipps for his condition. “[H]e had [a] good reputation and was respected wherever he went.” She was unhappy that her son was to be sent home in disgrace and asked that he receive the best possible medical treatment.

(to be continued in the New Year)

Lone Star Dietz Paintings for Sale

December 16, 2021

I occasionally get asked about the value of Lone Star Dietz paintings. I have no idea what they would bring in the art market and I don’t know of any that sold at auction. Even that wouldn’t provide a precise value but it would give us an idea how his works go relative to other artists works. The subject matter could bring the price up for a subject many people would be interested in having and would lower the price for something less desirable.

My suggestion to someone wanting to sell a painting is to put it up for auction on ebay or another similar site with the starting price being the lowest amount the person would take for the painting. It might go higher, sell for the minimum price, or get no bids at all. In any situation, the seller would either get an acceptable amount or would still have the painting.

Two people are interested in selling Dietz paintings at present. The one immediately below wants to know what it’s worth. The second one is up for sale now on ebay.

The next one is up on ebay.