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Crowdfunding at

January 12, 2013

As you may or may not know, I am working on a book about the Craighead Naturalists. Last year, circumstances led me to join a committee to preserve Craighead House for posterity. That effort will require us to raise a considerable amount of money. Because the Craigheads have inspired people all over the country and around the world, there may be numerous people interested in helping who are unaware of the project. In the past, reaching these people would have been impossible. Now, using a concept known as crowdfunding, numerous donors from around the world are making projects possible by each donating a small amount of money. Of the crowdfunding web sites, appears to be the one best suited to supporting Craighead House.

Being a complete novice at crowdfunding, I decided to learn more about it by setting up a pilot project for my upcoming book on the Craigheads. Besides learning about how to set up a campaign, this pilot project should also generate a little bit of publicity for Craighead House.

I’d like to ask for a favor. I set up an campaign this week as a pilot project. So far, it hasn’t attracted viewers. Could you take a look at it and give me your opinion about it? I plan to add additional photos and video weekly. I don’t expect you to donate because you probably already have copies of my books that are being used as perks for donations by the pilot project. An increased view count might get the campaign more visibility on