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Jim Thorpe and Mazes

April 18, 2023

I received a question today about Jim Thorpe and mazes. I knew nothing about him doing anything with, to, or for mazes so I did a little research. I uncovered nothing about him and mazes but did stumble across a challenge to his being a free agent when he signed with the New York Giants in 1913.

Joe S. Jackson, a reporter for The Washington Post, wrote, “An interesting feature of the Thorpe case is the statement that the player’s reservation was properly made by Fayetteville, in 1910, and has since been continued, so that the Indian is not a free agent, and can be secured only by purchase .”

The same day, January 31, 1913, announced that the Beaumont club, of the Texas League, had a reserve contract claim on Thorpe. “[A]ccording to Manager Wheeler of that club, Beaumont’s franchise was purchased from Oklahoma City last year, and it is claimed Thorpe was among the players reserved by that club.” Wheeler wired Secretary of the National Commission to protect Beaumont’s claim to Thorpe.Note that the reserve clause was in effect at that time and would be until it was struck down by the Supreme Court in 1875.

Also that day, an article dateline Oklahoma City reported that the former secretary of the Oklahoma City ball club had tried to no avail to sign Thorpe in 1911 because he “refused to play professional ball” and was touring the state with an amateur team.

An article datelined Carlisle, Pa. (probably written by Warner’s PR department) claimed that the Giants had purchased Thorpe’s release from the Fayetteville baseball club and that he would be paid $4,500 a year.