4th Anniversary

Four years ago this week, on March 7, 2008—can it be that long ago already?– I posted my first message to this blog. Three hundred and sixty-six messages and numerous photos later, I wonder if you, the readers, find your time spent here worthwhile. I get little feedback from readers, either positive or negative, about the value of the information presented herein. What I generally get are questions about Carlisle Indian School students, often from family members. On several occasions, family members, most often grandchildren or great grandchildren, have provided me very useful information about their relative. Such information fills in holes about the person that I would never otherwise be able to find. In some cases—Mike Balenti comes quickly to mind–it would have been very difficult to write a chapter about the person without the information the relative sent to me as a result of this blog.

A few times, this blog has served as a means for family members to make contact with relatives they didn’t know existed or with whom relations had been severed by a previous generation. It is very rewarding to know that this blog played a role in these people establishing or reestablishing relationships.

A few months ago, readership jumped significantly and continues at that higher level. It could be that, due to the ever-growing number of topics covered herein, this blog shows up more often on searches and unsuspecting people are brought here unwittingly. Or, it could be that the collective amount of useful information is growing and providing more people something of value. I don’t know. A little feedback would be helpful in determining if I am doing anything of value. Now, I must go to physical therapy to work on the residue of health issues that interrupted this blog last summer and early fall.

2 Responses to “4th Anniversary”

  1. Cindy Says:

    I enjoy your blog! I found your site about 3 years ago while searching about a stopwatch engraving with Carlisle engraved.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Jeffrey J. Miller Says:

    Keep a-goin’, my friend!

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