Who Were These Players?

I came across a photo of the complete 1913 football squad in the Lancaster New Era dated September 30, 1913. This photo includes a caption listing all the names of the players’ in the photo. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find several of them in the Carlisle Indian School files and can’t identify them. Some of the names could be misspelled, others could be nicknames, and the reporter may have gotten some of them wrong. Here are the ones I am having trouble identifying:

Name, position                                 Place in photo

Archibald, halfback                          First person on far left of third row (below Warner’s left shoulder)

Mann, fullback                                 Five players to the right of Archibald

G. Morin, guard                               Three players to the right of Mann

Hemlock, tackle                               Third layer from the right in the fourth row

Skundooli, guard                             First person on the far right of the fourth row

Barie (Barle?), guard                        Third person from the right in the bottom row

Winneco, halfback                           Second person from the right in the bottom row

Any help in identifying these players would be most appreciated.

2 Responses to “Who Were These Players?”

  1. Betty Carter Says:

    Tom,  I have been receiving  your blogs for a while and want to thank you for your work. I also would like to pick your brain for info about Gus Welch. I understand there is someone in Bedford who is a follower of Gus and collected info on him and do not know if that is you or not.. I am interested in this and other stories surrounding him and his contributions to the area and specifically Montvale. Thank you again.

    • tombenjey Says:

      Thank you for following me, Betty. I don’t know who the person is. I live near Carlisle, PA so I don’t know much about what’s going on down there.


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