Mystery Players

While researching records and newspapers, I’ve come across a number of Carlisle Indian School football players’ names I cannot resolve and I still have the 1913-1917 seasons to go. I haven’t been able to identify the names below in school records or publications although they were listed in newspaper accounts of games. Most of them were in write-ups of games involving the reserves as varsity starters and frequent substitutes posed few problems. Sometimes the digital imaging site at Dickinson College helps. For example when I submitted “Wanneshie Carlisle Indian” to the Internet search engine, it returned a link to the Student File for William Winneshiek on the Dickinson College site. I found no other person with a name near as close as this on my own, so I’m guessing he was the guy. Any help in determining who the players were would be most appreciated. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out some were nicknames.

Early Bird1911

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  1. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    Herbert Edwin “Kicked-on-the-jaw” John Sr (1882-1923) was at Carlisle 1897-1900 and then again from 1905-1907, where he played football. Played lacrosse for the Torontos, Crescents and St Hathams teams. Son of Austin John and Elvira Stele. Husband of Louisa King. Father of Elene Bernice and Herbert Edwin John Jr. Father of Merlin Clifford and Dennison John Sr. Father of Nina C Snow. On his WWI Draft Notice he stated that his right arm was missing. Buried on the Cattaraugus Territory. Father was Seneca

  2. tombenjey Says:

    Thank you for the info, Cathy. Was Kicked-on-the-jaw a nickname or the Anglicized version of his Seneca name?

    • Cathy Jimerson Says:

      The name came from having been kicked on the chin while he was attempting as a youth to ride circus fashion on the backs of two Indian ponies. I can send you a photo of him if you email me at because I never can figure out how to attach a photo here.

  3. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    Are you sure the first one in 1909 wasn’t BURD instead of Baird? To my knowledge no one by the name of Baird played on the Carlisle football team in 1909, but Sampson Burd did.

  4. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    The Brown on the 1898 was most likely a YALE player. He played on the Yale team against Carlisle in 1898. I don’t know of any Carlisle player named Brown who played on the team in 1898. There WAS an Alonzo Brown but he was at Carlisle from 1904-1909.

  5. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    The only Canfield I know of at Carlisle was Fred W Canfield who was a DRAWING TEACHER at Carlisle but that was BEFORE 1911.

  6. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    The only Early Bird I know of at Carlisle was Brian Early Bird, but he was only there from 1884-1889

  7. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    I would think the Elmer in 1910 would be Elmer Busch but I didn’t think he started playing football at Carlisle until 1911. He was ENROLLED at Carlisle in Oct 1910.

  8. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    There was an Edward Fox at Carlisle in 1912 and also a George White Fox but I don’t know if either one of them played football at Carlisle.

  9. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    There was a Freeman Johnson at Carlisle in 1902, but I don’t know if he played football at Carlisle

  10. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    Man-who-Forgets was a sub on the Carlisle football team in 1905. He was a Seneca from New York and by process of elimination, I think it was either William Winnie or Ernest Sutton.

  11. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    Oh, and Man-who-Forgets was a quarterback, if that helps.

  12. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    I’m pretty sure that Man-who-Forgets was William Winnie, due to his age. It said in an article that he was 20 years old in 1905. Ernest Sutton was only 16 years old in 1905. Oh and if it helps, Man-who-Forgets was a quarterback on the team.

  13. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    McLane in 1909 was Samuel McLane who was also known as Afraid-of-Bear

    • tombenjey Says:

      I thought the same thing until I came across this paragraph in the October 22, 1909 edition of The Carlisle Arrow:

      Samuel Mclean is at his

      home in Wood, South Dakota, and

      asks to have the ARROW forwarded

      there. He says in his letter: “I am

      at present at home helping my father

      with his work. I am also having

      quite a nice time hunting occasionally,

      for game is .very plentiful out here. ”

      And the March 18, 1910 edition included this:

      Samuel J. McLean, better known

      to the athletic world as “Afraid-ofa-

      Bear, and a member of the “Onward”

      class of ‘09, is enjoying the

      glorious spring weather of “Sunny

      Oklahoma. ” He has been travelling

      great deal since leaving his-Alma


  14. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    A Thomas Saul played on the Carlisle football team in 1904. Could that be your Saulve?

  15. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    Could your Williamson in 1910 be Charles Williams? He played football at Carlisle that year.

  16. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    Wolf in 1908 could be William Little Wolf. He played football at Carlisle that year.

    • tombenjey Says:

      I was thinking that too until I stumbled across the attached team photo that has both of them sitting in the front row. I doubt if the photo is clear enough to identify anyone, except Warner who is wearing his Cornell sweater. Oh well.

  17. Cathy Jimerson Says:

    Could your Worenderdye in 1909 be Davis Wounded Eye? He played football at Carlisle that year.

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