Who Is Hazlet?

William Hazlett is #3.

Halfback spots opened up on the 1898 Carlisle Indian School football team. A number of young men vied for these positions, including one newspapers referred to as Hazlet. He made long runs and scored two touchdowns against Bloomsburg Normal. He got another against Susquehanna University. He had another one against Dickinson College. After that, his name disappeared from game write-ups. He wasn’t on the team photo. No one with that name was found in the student files but several named Hazlett were. Newspapers often misspelled players’ names, so his name was probably Hazlett. But which Hazlett? George and Stuart Hazlett, both Piegan, graduated in March 1899. Willie Hazlett was mentioned in an article about a debate in the January 29, 1892 edition of The Indian Helper.

Searches of the Student Files located information on all three Hazletts but nothing in any of the files referred to athletics of any sort.  William Hazlett graduated in 1895. That students sometimes remained after graduation doesn’t eliminate him completely but does make it more likely that he isn’t the one. Since the Student Files save in the National Archives are incomplete, other Hazlett boys may have attended Carlisle. 

Perhaps families or other Piegans know of a Hazlett who played football at Carlisle. I would appreciate hearing about him.


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One Response to “Who Is Hazlet?”

  1. Florence Ridlon Says:

    Thanks, Tom. More interesting research. Hope you find what you are looking for.

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