Who is the mystery player?

While trying to determine if Ina Eloise Young attended the Carlisle-Denver game in 1908, I came across a Nebraska newspaper article about the Indians’ trip west. Included were a group photo of the team complete with a legend hat identified all the players on the team. In addition, the caption related the story of how Emil Hauser changed his name. For a number of years, many thought Emil Hauser and Wauseka were two different people. Some years ago, Mike Balenti’s granddaughter shared that Emil took that name from the place he was playing a baseball game. This article attributes his renaming to Guy W. Green, owner and manager of a barnstorming baseball team called the Nebraska Indians when Emil caught for the team in 1905.

This photo and legend may also help with another identification problem. Mike Balenti’s granddaughter also shared a photo of him with four other Carlisle players posing on an automobile in Union Station in St. Louis on that 1908 trip west. She identified all the players except the one on the far right. Maybe you can help with that. The others are l-to-r Little Boy, Emil Hauser, Mike Balenti and Fritz Hendricks. Who can the other one be? Can you identify him from the team photo?

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2 Responses to “Who is the mystery player?”

  1. Dennis R Parrish Says:

    I dont think he’s a carlisler and he looks 10 years older than the others..

  2. Craighead House Says:

    Carlisle students’ ages varied widely. Warner said that an advantage his players had was that they were often older than their opponents and more mature. The mystery person is wearing a Carlisle uniform, so he is probably a student. I wonder if it could be George Gardner. You can see his photo here: http://carlisleindian.dickinson.edu/images/george-gardner-football-uniform-c1907

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