Lone Star Dietz Artwork

A question that has come up recently is where Lone Star Dietz’s artwork can be purchased, because he is in the news again for being selected for induction into the College Football Hall of Fame, I suppose. I know of no place that his original artwork can be purchased. (I would like to find some myself.) However, some of his works can be seen on public display and others have been reproduced and can be purchased.

Albright College has four of his paintings on display: the Albright Lion, a portrait of Dick Riffle, a portrait of Lewis Smith, and an unusual collage of the Tree of Learning. Joel Platt has some of Dietz’s artwork in his Sports Immortals museum but they are not generally on display to the public. I was fortunate to find him in when I visited and he showed me a panoramic painting of Pittsburgh he had in his office. The back of the painting contained two titles, “My Pittsburgh” and “Pittsburgh Just Grew.” Apparently, Lone Star changed his mind as to what it should be called.

Most of Dietz’s artwork that I’m aware of is in private collections. A few of those found their way into an article done by Francine Scoboria for Albright College: http://www.albright.edu/reporter/spring2006/lonestar1.html. Occasionally, a reader will send me information on some as I have shared previously in this blog. Hopefully, more will surface in the future.

Fortunately, some of Dietz’s smaller pieces have been reproduced on items sold at History on High, Cumberland County Historical Society’s store in Carlisle and Tuxedo Press recently reprinted two books illustrated by Lone Star Dietz and his first wife, Angel DeCora. Yellow Star has four page-sized paintings done jointly by Dietz and DeCora reproduced in grayscale. The Little Buffalo Robe is chockfull of drawings done by Dietz and a few done by DeCora. It also has some full-page artwork done by DeCora. Tuxedo Press also created neckties using Dietz’s unique signature: http://www.tuxedo-press.com/index_files/OrderForm.htm

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8 Responses to “Lone Star Dietz Artwork”

  1. chad Says:

    A little old lady passed not to long ago and left us four lonestar dietz paintings she told my mom they were very special , they are all dated early 40’s . where can i bring them to verify authenticity?

  2. Monica Rothermel Says:

    My parents were friends of Lonestar Dietz. At some point, he was down on his luck, and stayed at their house for a few months. To show his appreciation, he gave them one of his paintings. My mother, who passed away last year, asked that we keep the painting in the family…as it meant a lot to her. I grew up with the picture that always hung in our house, and I would never part with it. But have always wondered if there is any value other than sentimental.

    • tombenjey Says:

      I haven’t seen any of Dietz’s paintings sell for a significant amount of money but that doesn’t mean they aren’t of value. It’s good to hear that you’re keeping his painting and enjoy seeing it on your wall. Can you tell me when he stayed with your parents and where that was? His whereabouts are still unknown for a couple of years in his life.

      Thank you for writing. I’d love to see your painting? Do you have a photo of it?


      • Monica Rothermel Says:

        We are from Reading, Pa. My father played football at Albright College for 2 years. He served in WWII, returned home and earned his degree from Temple. My father returned to Albright to help coach football. This is were he met Coach Dietz. I’m guessing this was the early -mid 50’s (?). My mother also went to Albright and had a passion for sports. She told me that she got along well with him and always called him Coach Dietz….which he liked very much. She said he often showed up at their house around dinner time. She appreciated his stories and enjoyed his visits. And as I mentioned, stayed with my family for awhile. She said my father remained friends with Coach Dietz until his death.
        Hope this information is helpful.
        I cannot figure out how to attach the painting to this post.

  3. tombenjey Says:

    Thank you for the information. You can email me at Tom@Tuxedo-Press.com.

  4. Norman Says:

    Contact Norman about a painting by lone star dietz (indian)of the walpi atop mesa reservation arizona. We have this need info.

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