Like Father, Like Son

The title of this message is a bit misleading. Like parents, like son would be more accurate. Rob Wheeler is the son of Robert W. “Bob” Wheeler and Florence “Flo” Ridlon and, like the proverbial apple, didn’t fall far from the tree. Bob is perhaps best known as the author of the definitive biography of Jim Thorpe. Flo is not well known for her greatest discovery, but should be. It was Flo who found a long-lost copy of the rules for the 1912 Olympics misfiled behind a row of books on a shelf in the stacks of the Library of Congress. The rules made possible the restoration of Jim Thorpe’s Olympic medals. Bob and Flo should be better known for their efforts and ultimate success but probably won’t be. Their only child, Rob, has undertaken the task of getting Jim Thorpe’s remains moved to Oklahoma. Philadelphia lawyers are hereby on notice that Rob is on the case.

Rob Wheeler is a senior at MIT double-majoring in Aeronautics and Aerospace Engineering AND Physics, so cannot devote full time to the effort as his parents did for some years in their effort. Fortunately, he doesn’t have to do it all himself as Thorpe family members are heavily involved. It is because of one particular Thorpe that Rob is so dedicated to this task, but you will have to visit Rob’s website,, to learn the details of that relationship.

Rob conceived, designed and maintains the website. His Phi Sigma Kappa brothers, David Somach and Arkady Blyakher, assisted in creating the website. Michael Lehto  provided vital encouragement and technical expertise. Since the website was put on-line, Rob has been interviewed by Native News anchor for, Paul DeMain. That interview can be viewed at

Don’t be surprised if we read more about Rob Wheeler in the news.

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One Response to “Like Father, Like Son”

  1. Jack Soderberg Says:

    Hi mr wheller my name is jack soderberg i patterned my life around jim thorpe . I have many stories about my experiance how jim thorpe changed my life and my athletic abilities i all began when i first seen the movie jim thorpe all american , they use to call me thorpe ,i even wore a a turtle neck sweater with a c for carlisle and stayed at carlisle war college and run on the same track at carlisle and sen his grave and got to meet and talk to arther martin secretary to pop warner during those days at carlisle . I met him in 1976. I also trained for the olympics in the decathalon since i was 12 till the end of high school before going in the military . I would like to share some stories ,i am a pretty good speaker . I love Jim Thorpe and what he has done for my life in all the sports i played football , track , baseball and many other sports i had to be like him is so many ways he was my hero and i wanted to be just like him .Its so nice to that a man like your self has done so much to keep Jim thorpe alive thru your words your book and your passion of who he was as a person exciting other people about the greatest athlete in the half century. It would be nice to talk to you some time mr wheeler i can be reached at 702-764-9256 its a las vegas number .If you ever need a guest speaker i would love to talk about jim thorpe and how he changed my life and my training in sports . He was the best coach i could ever have . I am on face book under Sifu Jack which i teach chinese martial arts and cross train athletes i also have 400 videos on you tube under Sifu and cdf academy i have martial arts discussions on their to and positive thinking and other topics on training . Jim Thorpe deserves so much for what he has done for sports, the olympics and how we live our lives . Jack soderberg 702-764-9256 Live in Las Vegas call me anytime mr wheller ..

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