Names of Players Who Died in 1905

Follows is a list of all the 1905 football deaths that I have found so far (updated March 6). Please let me know of any others you may be aware of or have more information on these: 





Robert Brown, 15

Southeast H. S. Sedalia, MO

Injured 11/25

Paralyzed and unable to speak

James Edward Bryant, 16

Canon City H. S., CO



Bernadette Decker, 18

Girls team, Eckhart, MD

Died 11/3

Resembled malignant peritonitis

James C. Dondero, 27

Willimantic, CN


Cerebral hemorrhage superinduced by poor physical

G. C. Ficken

Southern Athletic Club jr. team



Charles W. Griffin, 18

Leominster H. S., MA

Died 11/23

Died after 2-week illness after being injured in a
football game. Injury may have intensified kidney trouble

William J. Kelley, 15

Masten Park H. S., Pittsburgh, PA



Horatio T. Knight, 18

Phillips Exeter Academy, NH

Injured in interclass game on 11/4, died 11/9

Meningitis superinduced by injuries

John Mehan, 15

h. s., Pacific Grove, CA


Fractured spine

Howard C. Montgomery, 17

Hampden Sidney College, Farmville, VA



Harold P. Moore, 19

Union College, Schenectady, NY in a game with NYU in New
York City


The head of an opponent who was running at full speed
struck Moore under the chin. He died soon after of a concussion of the brain
or a ruptured blood vessel at the Fordham hospital.

Carl Osborne, 18

Bellmore H. S., IN in a game against Marshall


Died immediately after a broken rib was driven through his

Arthur W. Foote, 13

Phillips Grammar School, Salem, MA

Died on 11/25 of injuries sustained in a recent game

Thought to have suffered internal injuries

William Seymour, 18

Coscob H. S., CN



James Squires, 16

Alton H. S., IL

Injured in game against East St. Louis on 10/21, died on

Kick on the knee resulted in blood poisoning

John S. Sommersgill, 21

Franklin vs Homestead, Chester, PA


Kicked in stomach & died soon afterward of a brain hemorrhage

Clarence von Bokkelen, 17

Santa Clara H. S., CA

11/4 in game with San Jose that was remarkable for its

Several others seriously injured

Leslie Wiz (Wise), 14

School team, Milwaukee, WI



Vernon Wise, 17

Oak Park H. S., IL

11/3 in game against Hyde Park H. S.


Herman Norgaard

Council Bluffs H. S., IA in a game against Harlan, IA

Injured 10/8, died 11/10

Abscess of the brain

John Gordon

Sullivan, IN

Injured 12/19, died within 10 days


Walter Frey, 15

Canton, OH

Died 11/30 of injuries received several weeks ago


Harry Rowe, 18

Sidney, IA


Internal ruptures sustained in football game




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