Was Haughton at 1911 Carlisle-Harvard Game Conclusion

The November 10, 1911 Washington Post reported that Haughton intended to rest his first string backs and ends for the Carlisle game but might change his mind before the game. On the morning of the game, The New York Times reported that Haughton was going to rest his entire first string and play them against Carlisle only if it became necessary. No article has been found that stated his intention to skip the game to scout the Eli. However, a search of The Daily Crimson might find something related to that.

A Washington Post article published three days after the game does shed some light on the issue. That piece included the missing information: “…Head Coach Haughton, who missed the Indian fireworks, being at New Haven, from where he returned with the impression that Yale has a mighty good team, which he ‘made no bones’ about admitting.” The article also stated, “[H. B.] Gardner went to Yale with Percy Haughton on Saturday, previously seen Yale and West Point play.” Late in the article, Harvard Captain [Robert] Fisher denied rumors that he had countered Haughton’s orders not to play the first string against Carlisle: “Fisher says he was in charge of his own team Saturday and that it had not been planned to hold the regulars on the side lines all afternoon, but to send them all in if it was thought advisable and necessary, and both these conditions existed after the end of the third period in that game.”

This report issued close to the date the game was played seems to confirm that Percy Haughton was indeed off scouting Yale.

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