Wisconsin’s Carlisle Indian School Immortals

Yesterday, a reader asked about Wisconsin’s Carlisle Indian School Immortals, wondering if it would be a series of blogs or a book. That tells me it’s time to talk about it a bit. Last year I wrote Oklahoma’s Carlisle Indian School Immortals, Volume I of the Native American Sports Heroes Series. I have now completed Volume II of that series. Wisconsin’s Carlisle Indian School Immortals will be released on September 1. Like the earlier book, it follows 17 football stars with ties to a particular state, Wisconsin in this case, from their childhoods on the reservation, generally, to their time at Carlisle, and through their later lives. Background chapters on Carlisle Indian School, its legendary football teams, and coach “Pop” Warner set the stage for the individual biographies.

Not included are busts of the players drawn by Bob Carroll. Bob graciously drew those for Oklahoma’s Carlisle Indian School Immortals just before the end of his life. In their place, is a map that shows all the Indian Reservations in the state of Wisconsin which is intended to assist the reader in knowing where these people spent their early childhoods and, in some cases, returned to after finishing at Carlisle.

Chapters are included for:

Chauncey Archiquette

Wilson Charles

Wallace Denny

Lone Star Dietz

Louis Island

James Johnson

Frank Lone Star

Jonas Metoxen

Thomas St. Germain

Caleb Sickles

George Vedernack

Gus Welch

Joel & Hugh Wheelock

Martin Wheelock

Charles Williams

William Winneshiek

It is my hope that historians, teachers and librarians review this book and make it more available to students who would learn a lot about how disadvantaged people overcame obstacles to excel.

Copies of the softcover version of Oklahoma’s Carlisle Indian School Immortals are now in stock for June 1st release.

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2 Responses to “Wisconsin’s Carlisle Indian School Immortals”

  1. Joe Niese Says:

    Hi Tom,

    I’m a librarian at the Chippewa Falls Public Library and would like to order a copy of Wisconsin’s Carlisle Indian School Immortals for our collection. How can I order one?

    Joe Niese
    Information Services Coordinator
    Chippewa Falls Public Library
    Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

    • tombenjey Says:

      Hi Joe,

      You can order it from Ingram, the major on-line resellers or directly from the publisher at http://www.Tuxedo-Press.com. It’s good to hear that you want it for your library. These men should be an inspiration to your younger patrons. Older readers find their stories to be fascinating. The truth is more interesting than anything I could make up.


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