Carlisle’s Most Outstanding Victories

Pop Warner listed what he thought were Carlisle’s most outstanding victories in a 1951 letter to Babe Weyand. Note that his list includes only those games he coached, but it is probably fair to him to include only games he saw in person. Here is Warner’s list:

1899   Carlisle 26 – Penn 6            only game Penn lost this year

1899   Carlisle 45 – Columbia 0       Columbia had beaten Yale, Army and Dartmouth

1899   Carlisle 2 – California 0         Calif. Was Pacific Coast champions, unbeaten and unscored on 

1903   Carlisle 28 – Northwestern 0  only game Northwestern lost that year

1907   Carlisle 26 – Penn 6             only game Penn lost

1907   Carlisle 18 – Chicago 4         Chicago was Big Ten champion

1913   Carlisle 13 – Dartmouth 10     only game Dartmouth lost

I find it curious that Warner included neither win over Harvard and he was on the winning end of both of those contests.


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