Were Frank Jude and Ed Rogers Brothers?

The September 15, 1904 edition of The Arrow contained an often overlooked tidbit:

“Miss Louise Rogers, class of 1902, Carlisle, who graduated this year from the Bloomsburg Normal, is teaching a school of Anglo-Saxon children at Grand Rapids, Minn. Miss Rogers is a sister to Coach Rogers and left-end Jude.”

The revelation that Ed Rogers and Frank Jude is a tough one to verify. For starters, the National Archives has no student file for Jude. Student files do exist for Ed and Louise Rogers but don’t tell us everything we need to know. Ed’s card for his 1894 enrollment has William D. Rogers in the home address field. It also lists both parents as living at that time. His file includes no physical examination record. Those are useful because they list the numbers of brothers and sisters and their states of health. Louise’s file was thinner but did include her 1897 enrollment card. Her home address was listed as W. A. Rogers or Mrs. Mary Smetsinger. Both her parents were living. Louise’s husband’s file (she married another former Carlisle student named Eugene Warren) contained nothing that would shine any light on the issue at hand but did contain his thoughts on the relative merits of on- and off-reservation schools.

A quick search for Mary Smetsinger on Ancestry.com didn’t find anything that looks promising. This will require much more time to explore. Perhaps a relative of Frank Jude or Ed or Louise Rogers will know something about this.

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6 Responses to “Were Frank Jude and Ed Rogers Brothers?”

  1. larry rutenbeck Says:

    Tom – I have been researching native athletes since 1980. I just ran across your blog and saw this question regarding Frank Jude. Indeed, Ed and Louise Rogers were Jude”s half brother and sister, having the same mother but different fathers.

    Mary Sahgoshkodaywayq Williams Racine had 12 children fathered by 3 different men, William Rogers (3), William Jude (2), and George Snetsinger (7). Ed Rogers was the oldest (born in 1876) and Louise Rogers was the third child (born in 1882). Frank Jude was the 4th child (born in 1885) and was the oldest of the two Jude children.

    Frank Jude’s obituary (May 5, 1961) lists survirors as a sister, Margaret (Jude) Davis, Lyda Enos and Fred Snetsinger (3rd oldest of the Snetsinger children).

    • tombenjey Says:

      Thank you for writing, Larry. I would love to see any information you might have on Frank Jude because he and Ed Rogers will both be in the Minnesota book.



    I’m ED ROGERS GREAT GRAND DAUGHTER ….I NEW OF FRANK BUT NOT ALL THE OTHER CHILDREN …. WOW & I knew my great grandmother was a very smart & artistic woman but know ideal how stong & proud & humble woman she was … we grew up having summers on LEACH LAKE & I have a pride in all that my Great Grandfather Edward Rogers had accomplished & all he had to overcome …I have the letter he wrote to my mother after finding out that i was born & we were so close to having the same birth day. I feel the prided of my heratage & frustration of the white american greed & power . I pray for simpler times ..I would love to learn more …please e-mail me ….as i’m in MINILA & than JAPAN will return to usa soon

    • tombenjey Says:

      Thank you for commenting, Anne. I would love to see the letter your great grandfather wrote after you were born. You can probably fill in some missing pieces for me regarding his family.

      Have a safe journey.


  3. Dave Green Says:

    Any intrested, please email me. Dave Green dave.fineline@gmail.com
    Frank Jude was my Great Grand Father He had one daughter My Grand Mother Lorraine Jude. This line has produced some great athletes living today.

    • tombenjey Says:

      Thank you for writing, Dave. Could you list some of those athletes? What happened to the great Indian athletes of 100 years ago is a frequently asked question. My guesss is that some of their grandchildren and great grandchildren have their genes but aren’t aware of it and the media doesn’t pick up on it.

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