Rally in the Valley

David “Cougman” Welch informs me that an autographed copy of Keep A-goin’: the life of Lone Star Dietz and a Lone Star Dietz custom silk necktie are being auctioned off to help fund scholarships for students attending Washington State University and to support the WSU Alumni Association. The Rally in the Valley is the Skagit Valley Cougars’ signature event each year. More information can be found about this year’s event at http://alumni.wsu.edu/site/c.llKYL9MQIsG/b.2123257/. A flyer for the event can be found here: www.Tuxedo-Press.com/RallyInTheValley.pdf.


For those unfamiliar with Lone Star Dietz, a little background is in order. William Henry Lone Star Dietz was a star tackle at Carlisle Indian School, assistant coach under Pop Warner for three years and also an art instructor. Dietz took the reins as head coach in Pullman in 1915. In his three years as head coach at Washington State (four if you count the 1918 Mare Island Marines composed heavily of his former college players), Dietz led them to two undefeated regular seasons (three if you count the Mare Island year) and Washington State’s only Rose Bowl win (also their first loss if you count the Mare Island team).


Keep A-goin’ tells Lone Star Dietz’s life story. The necktie as seen below incorporates the distinctive signature Lone Star put on his artwork. Also note that the tie is in Washington State colors (crimson and gray). I will be wearing one of these ties on the evening of October 17 when he is inducted into the Albright College Hall of Fame.


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2 Responses to “Rally in the Valley”

  1. Diane Dietz Says:

    I am glad you are going to be at the Hall of Fame induction at Albright this month, especially since I can’t be there. Are you planning on taking any pictures of the event? I think they would be great to see on the Lone Star Dietz website!!

  2. tombenjey Says:

    It’s good to hear from you, Diane. I hadn’t thought of taking pictures but it is a good idea as is posting them on the web site. Picture-taking duty will probably fall on Ann, though. I see you have a new email address. I’ll save it.

    Keep A-goin’,


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