Best Subtitle of 2008

Today while conducting an email conversion regarding some advertising, I received an unexpected stroke. Maryann Batsakis, Sales Representative for ForeWord Magazine, informed me that the subtitle of my new book was the best she had seen in her seven years at ForeWord. She also informed me that she started in the mailroom where she opened every package that came in and saw every book. Since then she has seen all the award-winning books. So, she speaks with some authority. However, I may have a leg up because she appreciates my sense of humor. One time I mentioned a password I sometimes use and she responded that she liked it. I explained that it was too difficult to use Of all the gin joints in all the towns in the world she has to walk into mine. That cracked her up.


So if Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs doesn’t receive any other awards, I can feel good that my subtitle, Jim Thorpe & Pop Warner’s Carlisle Indian School football immortals tackle socialites, bootleggers, students, moguls, prejudice, the government, ghouls, tooth decay and rum, is the best.


Some may wonder why I was so verbose. Subtitles are used to help describe what the book is about and also to help search engines find the book for readers who might be interested in it. Doctors, Lawyers, Indian Chiefs covers so much ground that a long subtitle is needed. This might help explain why some books, especially very technical ones, have lengthy subtitles that contain a lot of jargon.



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