Henry Roberts Gets Married

While looking up information on Carlisle’s participation in the 1912 Olympics, I stumbled across an article from Carlisle in the Washington Post that had nothing to do with the Olympics. So, we’ll take a day off from our Olympic coverage for a little romance.




Hurt in Game Against Syracuse, First Thing He Remembers on Regaining Consciousness Is Face of Pretty Indian Maid—Football Eleven Gives Happy Couple Wedding Banquet.


Carlisle, Pa., Jan 17 —As the climax to a four months romance that began when the groom was Injured on the football field, and was nursed in the Carlisle Indian School Hospital here by the bride, Henry Roberts, 23 years old, of Pawnee, Okla and Miss Rose Denomie, 19 years old, of Ashland Wis, were married here at the home of M. Friedman, superintendent of the school, today.

Henry Roberts, Pawnee, played left end on the great Carlisle 1911 team and, before his injury, was Rose Denomie’s football hero. As she nursed him back to health he determined to win the Chippewa maiden’s hand. He studied for a civil service examination and passed with high marks for which he was rewarded with a $900 a year clerical job (not bad for any American in 1911) at Shoshone Indian School in Wyoming. Armed with a good-paying job and restored health, he proposed.


Because Rose was Catholic, they were married by Father Strock in Superintendent Moses Friedman’s residence and were feted by his teammates. Immediately after the celebration they caught a train for Wind River Agency, Wyoming. In November The Red Man reported that they were in Odanah, Wisconsin where he was employed by the government as a stenographer. Jack Newcombe described Roberts as the one who “epitomized the success story Carlisle cared to boast of: a business career with an oil firm in Oklahoma, a home on a hilltop in Pawnee not far from the reserve where he was born, a happy marriage with the girl he had met at Carlisle.” In a 1959 interview Roberts mentioned that before retiring he had helped build the atomic bomb at Los Alamos. From bows and arrows to atom bombs!


Next time it will be back to the Olympics – if nothing interferes.


 Henry Roberts shortly before his wedding

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9 Responses to “Henry Roberts Gets Married”

  1. Audrey Alexander Dumas Says:

    Henry Roberts is my great-great-grandfather. His daughter, my great-grandmother is still alive. Her name is Florence Roberts Alexander, she will be 96 in April and is the oldest living pawnee. My grandfather, Lewis Alexander, remembers Henry Roberts telling him about this historic game. The story has been passed to me. I will never forget

  2. Tanya Beardsley Speagle Says:

    Henry Roberts is my great-great grandfather as well. His daughter, my grandmother is still alive too. Her name is Edith Roberts Beardsley, she is the sister to Florence. I have heard about this historic game all my life. I loved to hear the story from Grandfather Henry, he told it with such excitement . I will never forget those precious times spent with Grandfather Henry and Grandmother Rose.

  3. Mary Says:

    Awesome! I’m Mary Beardsley, My dad is Clinton Beardsley, His mom is Edith R beardsley and that’s her dad! I live just outside DC and this article was published by the washington post!

  4. Maria Medina Says:

    This is all so exciting! my great grandmother is Florence Alexander she lives with my family and I and just celebrated her 98th birthday! I’m not exactly sure why I have never heard about this game seeing as like Audrey up there my grandpa is also Lewis Alexander. But reading this is so exciting!

  5. william alexander Says:

    I’am William Alexander-Grandson of Florence Alexander- daughter of Henry and Rose Roberts-Edith her son Gordon Clinton Danny Donald/ Rose Ilove and miss. I was about 13 whe Great Grandfather gave me a name-Red Bird. La-pa-te -hut.They live in my heart forever

  6. Deborah Beardsley Says:

    Hello family. I too am the great-great granddaughter of Henry Roberts. My grandmother is Edith. I am so pleased to see our family history,stories and pictures . Thank you Tom Benjey.

  7. Michele Meiners Says:

    Hello cousin william Michele Rouwalk Meiners I am the eldest daughter of Donald dean Rouwalk eldest son of Edith Beardsley Roberts we knew each other as children in Albuquerque New Mexico.
    Our family visited often with aunt Florence during the holidays.
    It has been many years since we saw each other I remember if I can recount your siblings Kelly and Jeff.
    I hope I have this right was your father uncle Lou?
    It is wonderful to see the younger generation taking a interest in our familia lineage.

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