More Jim Thorpe artifacts for sale

No sooner had I posted Friday’s blog when another auction of Carlisle artifacts popped up. Don’t blame me if I’m in a rut; I don’t have any control over these sales. Also, people want to know about such things in a timely manner so they can have a shot at buying these things.

Heritage Auction Galleries has a pile of Jim Thorpe memorabilia for sale, including a helmet and cleats he reputedly wore in games in 1912. They also have quite a number of other things of which I find the audiotapes in Jim Thorpe’s own voice the most interesting. These would be perfect for Big Jim’s biographer to have, assuming that Bob Wheeler has a spare $143,400 lying around. It does include the 20% buyer’s fee. What a bargain. You can see the whole lot at:

At such prices, I can’t suggest that any individual or archive buy any of these things. However, if anyone wants to give me any one of these things, I’d love to have it. A sad thing is that Jim Thorpe’s family tends to get very little from artifact sales as many of the items we have seen offered for sale left the family long ago for little or no money in return. We can hope they do better on this lot. Of everything that has been offered for sale lately, what would you like?


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